Toyota Supra MK5 Rebadged BMW Z4

Despite being a car manufacturer Toyota made an art, by designing the Supra, and the Supra Mark 4 was the car that made it’s legacy in the American market, and made a cult following world wide.

Toyota Supra is a high demanded car since its launch, and a dream car for most of the Motor Heads and Enthusiasts. Toyota Supra Mark 4 or the MK4 Supra is the most famous model of the Toyota Supra world wide, it is one the car that took the craze of JDM cars to a whole another level.

The 2JZ 3.2 litre inline 6 cylinder, twin turbo engine under Supra’s hood used to produced immense power of 320BHP and mind boggling 440 NM of torque. Despite of it’s discontinuation in 2002 the MK4 Supra is still a high demanded car for the JDM lovers and Motor Enthusiasts all over the world, as it welcomes any kind of mods with open hands.

Since the launch of the new Toyota Supra Mark 5, it has been seen that people are calling it a BMW and it somewhat hampers the Supra’s legacy.

Why Toyota Supra MK5 is a BMW ?

Toyota Supra or a rebadged BMW Z 4
Toyota Supra or a rebadged BMW Z 4

A lot of car reviewers and motor heads have called the MK5 Supra as a rebadged BMW. But what Toyota has did?

The new MK5 Supra runs on a BMW aspirated B58 3.0 litres inline six cylinder engine and the other 2.0 litre inline 4 engine, yes it is the same engine used in the BMW Z4.

It’s not just the engine which made everyone say that it is a BMW, the Monocoque Chassis used in the BMW Z4 is the same backbone supporting the body of Toyota Mark 5 Supra. The overall dynamics of the Supra is as same as the BMW Z4. Toyota did not even bothered to change the engine guard under the hood of MK5 Supra, the one thing Toyota did was to change the logo on the engine guard.

You may get shocked by knowing that the Toyota MK5 and BMW Z4 are made in the same factory, both the cars run on same gear box, even both the cars share the same the infotainment screen in the Toyota Supra MK5 is the same as in the BMW Z4.

Buying a Toyota Supra in India

Toyota Supra is officially not available in India, but interested Indian buyers find their way of owning the legend Supra by importing it from countries like USA, Japan or Dubai.

According to the reports there is only one Toyota Supra MK5 in the Whole country. Which is said to be owned by an youtuber/ influencer named UK07 Rider. Who imported the Supra MK5 from Dubai.

Toyota was planning to launch the Supra MK5 in India in early 2023, but there is no follow up about their plan of launching the Supra in India.

How Much the Supra Cost In India

Toyota does not sell Supra officially in India due to which the buyers have to import it from other countries, which makes the Toyota Supra way too expensive. Due to the import laws and taxes on imported cars in India most of the time the final costing of the car doubles up.

In case of Supra with 45 lakhs of the price, 100-125% of the amount is paid to the government for the import, so now your 45 lakhs of worth Supra is 90 lakhs, next 3-5 :lakhs are paid to for the shipment, and 10%-12% for the RTO which is around 9-12 Lakhs Indian Rupee.

If you have done all of this, the congratulations you are a Proud Supra Owner by spending 1.12 crore to 1.22 crore INR.

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